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The film tells the incredible story of a university created shortly after the Second World War by refugees of the three Baltic Countries. They started with nothing, in a city which was in ruins and yet they managed.

In the autumn of 1945, in the almost totally devastated city of Hamburg, a group of university professors from the Baltic countries began to talk about the idea of creating a new university. They had lost everything and had not a penny to their names, but they worked out a magnificent plan and in March 1946 the Baltic University opened its doors. It was a success, but their success was not appreciated by everyone and soon problems began. Former students from the three Baltic countries tell their stories through interviews, rare film footage, documents and photos, giving us a precious glimpse into the life of a unique institution which should not be forgotten.


(…) special thanks and appreciation to Helga Merits and her helpers for this monumental work. Particularly noteworthy are the numerous authentic film clips, because while there were still some cameras, the refugee could only dream of film cameras at that time. (…) it must be especially appreciated that this extraordinary passage of history has been recorded. -- Raul Pettai. Vaaba Eesti Sõna, January, 2016.

Helga Merits has been awarded the Medal of the Baltic Assembly for upholding the unity and cooperation of the Baltic States. Baltic Assembly, 10 November 2017

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