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Preserving history for posterity needs resources.

Over the last year or so, we received kind support from the Estonian American Fund, Estonian American National Council, Tartu College in Toronto, Böckler-Mare-Balticum-Stiftung. The Herder Institut Marburg supported the film by letting us use their pictures for free (the Hintzer collection). This support helped me to organise the recordings of the interviews, to do research in special archives, to buy documents and other historical material.

The film has now been released and we've been fortunate to have had it screened in many countries.

Our next step forward is to make subtitles in several languages so we can make the film available to schools and other educational centers in different countries. Writing educational material, adding stories not told in the film yet so worthwhile to communicate to others, will be part of this project.

It is ever more important in our world as it is today that children develop an appreciation of what other children went through so many years ago. It is a way to make history concrete, a way to help not to forget, and to think about their own present and future.

Your support could help to make this possible. All support, small or large will be helpful and will be greatly appreciated. Please see the options listed on this page to contribute.

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